Member Of The Month

Client of the month is Rae

Rae started my zoom classes last year. She first joined my Pilates class to help strengthen her back/core. I can honestly say she has definitely achieved this and she now attends all my classes including total abs (which she always said there would be no way she could do this).
Rae couldn’t touch her toes in the roll down stretch when she first joined and within 3 weeks I received a photo of her with her palms on the floor! Rae is doing all of my advanced moves and there is no stopping her now. Her children have also joined in which I obviously love to see.

Well done 💙

Message from Rae

“From going from a very busy office environment to working from home during lockdown 1 I found it really hard to be motivated and was struggling with ‘groundhog days’ I’d seen a friend doing Gamefit classes on FB so thought I’d give it a go. I’d had an accident when i was younger and twins in 2008 meant I suffered with my back had no abdominal muscles, even getting out of bed I still had to roll. My goal was not to loose weight (I’d already done that) but was to build my strength and core. I go to as many classes as I can and after a few months I was able to join the total abs class. Now I try and do some of the harder levels, I can get out of bed normally, I have a core, my back doesn’t hurt, I’m toned but most importantly I have fun. My children join me sometimes so it a real family affair and is now just part of my life”.

I offer 1:1 Personal training/Pilates 1:1 or small group personal training.I hold Pilates classes at Nobel school and Circuit training for complete beginners at both Nobel and Peartree Park Stevenage. Please message me if you have any questions.